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Fuss over Formals

Opening Mood: Fresh! Opening song: Innocent Man – Billy Joel Okay, for the past three days, I have been wearing formals to office. Yes, you heard it right, formal shirt (not a smart-comment T-Shirt), a pair of formal trousers (not … Continue reading

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Quote- Shantaram

“One of the ironies of courage, and the reason why we prize it so highly, is that we find it easier to be brave for someone else than we do for ourselves alone” Lindsay Ford, from Shantaram

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Opening Mood: Balancing stuff Opening Song: Bitter sweet – Beckoning Hills Check out if you haven’t already. It’s a microblogging site which allows you to update the micro-blog from GTalk/cellphone You can find mine here –> Closing Song: … Continue reading

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Parika: Mangalore style da vonas

Opening Mood: TGISunday! Opening Song: Dhoom Again – Dhoom 2 We had been to Parika yesterday night for dinner. It is a restaurant on the CMH road, which serves mangalore cuisine. If you love neeru-dosas, sannas, kori-rotti, tangy and coconutty … Continue reading

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A Bet of Death By Chocolate. Insert comma’s in the right places!

Opening Mood: This is insane! Opening Song: None. Like I mentioned in my previous post I was out for the whole of last week and am catching up with the happenings. One of the hilarious things that came to my … Continue reading

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A Geeky Vacation!

Opening Mood: I’m back! Opening Song: Romantic Piano – Chopin Spent the last week at this place called Kudremukh. It used to be one of Karnataka’s famous mines before the operations were shut down in 2005. So now it is … Continue reading

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