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Vim Scripts change in v7.1

I moved to Fedora 9 last week, and things have been working great, except for my vim, which yelled everytime I tried opening a file: ————————————————- ego@sofia:~$ vim ~/.vimrc Error detected while processing /home/ego/.vimrc: line¬†¬† 10: E563: stat(./cscope.out) error: 2 … Continue reading

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Bollywood’s CopyCat

At times when you like something very much, and you start revering the creator, and later you realize that the creator had stolen that thing from some other place, you really feel let down. I liked Pritam Chakraborty‘s music, from … Continue reading

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Old Love

No, I am not talking about Eric Clapton’s song or Jeffery Archer’s senti short story. I am refering to Number Theory, a subject which I have liked and aced since my high school upto my engineering. We had Number Theory … Continue reading

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A GTalk chat-bot

Ever wondered why can’t we have a chat-bot that responds when we’re idling or away ? Sathya tried this a couple of times while he “appeared” to be away on GTalk by responding something like “The recipient of your message … Continue reading

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