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Reversing a list in Haskell

Totally bored and jobless over this surprisingly silent weekend, I decided to revisit some of the Haskell programs that I had written when I took the Functional programming course during the previous year. While I was at it, I remembered … Continue reading

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Fun with Limit languages

Given an alphabet the set of all finite words over is denoted by . The set of all infinite words over is denoted by . For any infinite word let denote the set of all prefixes of . For a … Continue reading

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Freedom from browser

So, this wild idea struck me yesterday when I was trying to set up Thunderbird for my college email account. As of today, my primary personal email is Gmail, my feed reader is Google reader, my calender is Google calender, … Continue reading

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Failed to Spot the RCU Bug

Ok, I have lost any rights I might have had regarding bragging about having worked on RCU. I failed to spot this awesomely subtle bug! Needless to say, I am very embarrassed 😦

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How I view numbers

Let us consider the following game. ============================================== The Game =============================================== Two players. Player A and Player B. For the sake of simplicity, let us say I am player A, and you are player B. There are 6 squares and we … Continue reading

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Funny Dream

At times you get these weird dreams that are so unreal that you actually end up remembering them after you are awake. At least the skeleton of the plot. I watched Shutter Island yesterday night. Brilliant movie, totally recommended. Read … Continue reading

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Wordplay in Sanskrit

I have a habit of downloading a copy of interesting e-books that are freely available on the internet so that I can browse through my collection whenever I am bored and I don’t have a working internet connection. This evening, … Continue reading

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JEST done

I took the JEST-2010 (Joint Entrance Screening Test) today. Institutes such as the Institute of Mathematical Sciences Chennai, and now apparently even the Chennai Mathematical Institute shortlist candidates for their MSc and PhD programs based on scores of this test. … Continue reading

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Open Source Vs Open mindset

From the past few days, Atanu has been posting blog-posts on what a Rational IT policy should look like, and what should be the role of the Government in it.  One of his posts received the following reaction from the … Continue reading

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Story of find_busiest_group() cleanup.

Last year, around the same time, I had ranted about this function named find_busiest_group() in kernel/sched.c. This is one humongous function which can so easily scare the sh*t out of any programmer who sees it for the first time. Partly … Continue reading

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