Something about me and the blog

Who Am I ?
My name is Gautham Shenoy R(Ranjal Gautham Shenoy, Gautham R Shenoy. Yeah, all these are my names).

I am a student pursuing his PhD in the area of Theoretical Computer Science. Formerly, I was a  Linux Kernel Programmer who went by the nickname ego on the Linux kernel mailing list. I am an Avid Reader, passtime philosopher interested in the Hindu traditions and Philosophy who among other things loves talking, bicycling, listening to good music and tasting good food.

What’s this blog about?
I would like to quote myself from my very first blogpost.
“Life is one hell of a journey, and probably the only one worth writing about.. I had to choose a platform for documenting my experiences in this journey.. That’s why I chose blogging.
I hope to write about anything that even remotely touches me, anything that makes me feel life’s worth living, anything I find inspiring..
I hope to post lotsa tales, lotsa reviews ,lotsa experiences of my own as well as lotsa other interesting stuff which I may find while browsing the web..
I hope, the language wouldn’t be a barrier in translating my experiences into words.
I hope I can translate even the most subtle feeling with minutest details…
I hope….”

Why the name Random Walk of Life?
The idea for this blog came when I was at LTC, doing a night out, working on a simulator of the linux kernel Scheduler during my internship. I was reading about Markov chains, probability distributions and Random walks that time. The term Random walk was very appealing and I wanted to document the whole experience of writing the simulator. Sadly, that particular post never got written, but the name stuck.

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