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Funny Dream

At times you get these weird dreams that are so unreal that you actually end up remembering them after you are awake. At least the skeleton of the plot. I watched Shutter Island yesterday night. Brilliant movie, totally recommended. Read … Continue reading

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Laptop Purchase: Advice Please!

I am going back to being a student starting this august. First thing that struck me was that I will have to return my company provided laptop, a Lenovo T60p which has been my constant companion for the past 3.5 … Continue reading

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The New Race

A tired athlete comes back to his locker after a long day of practice. He sits in his room, sipping some water. It had been a tiring day. He knows that it was to be the last of it’s kind. … Continue reading

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Question, Description and Answer regarding Life, The Universe and Everything

S —> S; S —> S(S); S(X) —> S(Powerset(X)); S(X) —> S; Key to interpreting the symbols: Empty Set, ∅ as “Nothing-else”. {X} as “The Description of X”. {X,Y,…} as “The Description of X and Y and …” S(X) as … Continue reading

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