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Norse Mythology – Neil Gaiman

A delightful retelling of the Norse Mythology This is my fourth book by Neil Gaiman the earlier three being American Gods, Stardust and Neverwhere. Gaiman is one of those few authors who can keep me engaged with the material for … Continue reading

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Natural Enmity: Reflections on the Niti and Rasa of the Pancatantra

A commentary on the Panchatantra that is free from alien ideological lenses. Before coming to the book itself, something about author and his previous work which led me to purchasing the book. I was introduced to Ashay Naik’s writings earlier … Continue reading

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Review: Ten Kings by Ashok Banker

A very fertile land ruled by an able righteous ruler attracts the envy of the other clans of his own tribe. These other clans plot the ruler’s downfall by forming some sort of a Mahagathbandan. The other clans in the tribe are … Continue reading

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Dabangg 2: A Review

Rarely does one come across characters in Hindi cinema which make a mark in the minds of the audience by their mannerisms or dialogues. And when that happens it opens up a window of opportunity for a movie franchise in … Continue reading

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Life of Pi: The movie

A ship sinks in the ocean. A boy survives the shipwreck and manages to safely reach the Mexican shore. When he’s found by the locals on the shore, he’s all alone, next to a small boat. Everyone is curious to … Continue reading

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American Gods

Last semester, I restarted reading fiction after a gap of two years. I managed to finish George R R Martin’s “A Song of Ice and Fire” (the five books in the series that have been published so far) in a … Continue reading

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Why a netbook doesn’t work for me

A few months ago, before joining CMI, I wrote a post soliciting advice on purchasing a new laptop for my graduate school. Having considered many options, I decided to purchase an Acer Aspire One netbook. The reason behind this purchase … Continue reading

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Black and White

Opening Mood: Good Morning Bangalore! Opening Song: Lakshya – Title track Saw Subhash Ghai’s movie Black and White yesterday. If not anything, I must say it is a th0ught provoking and a brave attempt by the man who has been … Continue reading

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Parika: Mangalore style da vonas

Opening Mood: TGISunday! Opening Song: Dhoom Again – Dhoom 2 We had been to Parika yesterday night for dinner. It is a restaurant on the CMH road, which serves mangalore cuisine. If you love neeru-dosas, sannas, kori-rotti, tangy and coconutty … Continue reading

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Two Bollywood Movies Same day!

Opening Mood: I’m full after the dinner. Opening Song: Saawariya (Reprise) Saawariya. I watched two bollywood movies today afternoon. Dus Kahaniyan and Om Shanti Om. And I liked them both. While Dus Kahaniyan reminded me of Jeffery Archer’s short stories: … Continue reading

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