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Open Source Vs Open mindset

From the past few days, Atanu has been posting blog-posts on what a Rational IT policy should look like, and what should be the role of the Government in it.  One of his posts received the following reaction from the … Continue reading

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The New Nationalist Movement in India (Part 1)

.. No, this is not in reference with the nationalist movements that are prevalent today. This is a title of an article written by Jabez T. Sutherland (Link-thanks: doubtinggaurav) which appeared in The Atlantic way back in October 1908. In … Continue reading

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The Level Playground

A lot has been said about Barkha Dutt and NDTV‘s legal notice to a blogger who poured out his emotions over what he felt was irresponsible and shoddy journalism. Many people have spoken out about the freedom of speech and … Continue reading

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Me, Religious?

“Gotee, what’s wrong with you man?”, a friend asked. “Why, what happened?”, I asked back, wondering which of my idiosyncrasies was she referring to. “You’re reading the Bhagavad Gita it seems! You’re going to temple daily. Knowing you, and the … Continue reading

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An Argument Vs A Fight

Quick Takes. Cricket: India Whopped England’s ass in the first ODI. Way to go boys! Had Potluck lunch at office today. The theme was Ethnic wear. I wore a Mundu! Last time when I had gone home, I had a … Continue reading

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Bollywood’s CopyCat

At times when you like something very much, and you start revering the creator, and later you realize that the creator had stolen that thing from some other place, you really feel let down. I liked Pritam Chakraborty‘s music, from … Continue reading

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Stuck with the mistake

It’s been some time since I last posted something. Had been busy gathering data for the OLS paper and once that was done, got some time to look into the couple of months old CPU-Hotplug issue. There are some more … Continue reading

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