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Repressed and Rebels : Part 2

One of the advantages (or disadvantages, depends on how you see it) of the life as a grad student is the ample amount that’s available to waste away. Being a grad student, I make really good use of this opportunity … Continue reading

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Failed to Spot the RCU Bug

Ok, I have lost any rights I might have had regarding bragging about having worked on RCU. I failed to spot this awesomely subtle bug! Needless to say, I am very embarrassed 😦

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Does Latex Work on this blog

Just checking if works here or not! Turns out it does. So I might permanently move my blog here. I am just too lazy to keep updating the wordpress versions on the older personal blog.

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Would you like it if I told you that I just broke my leg?

So, one of my friends who is currently posted in Japan posted this on his facebook wall: “Experienced earthquake in Japan….” Within a minute, two people “Liked” it. I wonder how many “Like”‘s will I get if by chance (and … Continue reading

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The New Race

A tired athlete comes back to his locker after a long day of practice. He sits in his room, sipping some water. It had been a tiring day. He knows that it was to be the last of it’s kind. … Continue reading

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Question, Description and Answer regarding Life, The Universe and Everything

S —> S; S —> S(S); S(X) —> S(Powerset(X)); S(X) —> S; Key to interpreting the symbols: Empty Set, ∅ as “Nothing-else”. {X} as “The Description of X”. {X,Y,…} as “The Description of X and Y and …” S(X) as … Continue reading

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Conversation with a Credit Card Salesperson

At times, I end up having interesting conversations with the salesmen who try to sell credit card and other services over the phone.I have been too lazy to add my number into the Do-not-disturb registry. I should do it soon. … Continue reading

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Low threshold of satisfaction and self-congratulation

Kanchan Gupta interviewed Indian diplomat Pavan K Varma whose latest book “Becoming Indian: The Unfinished Revolution of Culture and Identity” is now on the stands. In the interview, the author makes some excellent points regarding the cultural audit, rather the … Continue reading

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Open Post

Hello everyone, On April 7th this year, this blog completed three years of it’s existence. It started off to serve the purpose of a Petri-dish into which I could pour my thoughts, inspect them over time and probably become wiser. … Continue reading

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