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How I view numbers

Let us consider the following game. ============================================== The Game =============================================== Two players. Player A and Player B. For the sake of simplicity, let us say I am player A, and you are player B. There are 6 squares and we … Continue reading

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Funny Dream

At times you get these weird dreams that are so unreal that you actually end up remembering them after you are awake. At least the skeleton of the plot. I watched Shutter Island yesterday night. Brilliant movie, totally recommended. Read … Continue reading

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Wordplay in Sanskrit

I have a habit of downloading a copy of interesting e-books that are freely available on the internet so that I can browse through my collection whenever I am bored and I don’t have a working internet connection. This evening, … Continue reading

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Story of find_busiest_group() cleanup.

Last year, around the same time, I had ranted about this function named find_busiest_group() in kernel/sched.c. This is one humongous function which can so easily scare the sh*t out of any programmer who sees it for the first time. Partly … Continue reading

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Resume, Webpage and More

I am in the process of applying to universities, like I mentioned in one of my earlier posts. Thus, earlier this week, it suddenly struck me that I didn’t have a Resume. So far I have had to prepare a … Continue reading

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Old Love

No, I am not talking about Eric Clapton’s song or Jeffery Archer’s senti short story. I am refering to Number Theory, a subject which I have liked and aced since my high school upto my engineering. We had Number Theory … Continue reading

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A GTalk chat-bot

Ever wondered why can’t we have a chat-bot that responds when we’re idling or away ? Sathya tried this a couple of times while he “appeared” to be away on GTalk by responding something like “The recipient of your message … Continue reading

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