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Quotes: Programmers on MacOSX vs Programmers on Linux

A programmer will eventually tell you to use Mac OSX or Linux. If the programmer likes fonts and typography, they’ll tell you to get a Mac OSX computer. If they like control and have a huge beard, they’ll tell you … Continue reading

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Griffith Ramayana: Balakanda: Canto 1

The first sarga of Balakanda begins with Valmiki questioning Narada  about the existence of a special kind of human being. He was inquisitive to know: In all this world, I pray thee, who Is virtuous, heroic, true? Firm in his … Continue reading

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“If teaching is reduced to mere data transmission, if there is no sharing of excitement and wonder, if teachers themselves are passive recipients of information and not creators of new ideas, what hope is there for their students? If adding … Continue reading

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Griffith Ramayana: Invocatory Verses

I mentioned in my previous post that I have been reading Ralph T.H Griffith’s translation of Ramayana in verse. I finished the Balakanda and am planning to write a summary of the interesting verses and events I encountered therein. This … Continue reading

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Bought Griffith’s translation of Rámáyańa

Finally I got my copy of Ralph T.H. Griffith’s translation of Rámáyańa in verse. For the past two weeks, whenever I could find some free time, I have been reading it on my android phone. The epubs are available on … Continue reading

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