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Review: Ten Kings by Ashok Banker

A very fertile land ruled by an able righteous ruler attracts the envy of the other clans of his own tribe. These other clans plot the ruler’s downfall by forming some sort of a Mahagathbandan. The other clans in the tribe are … Continue reading

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The Classification of Vedas

Towards the end of the SandhyAvandanA, I remember reciting the following: bhArgava, chyavana, ApnavAn, aurava, jamadajnya, pancha rShi pravarAnvita vatsa gotrOtpannaha AshvalAyana sUtra, shAkala shAKhAdhAyih gautama sharmaH ahaM bho abhivAdaye Which translates to: Hailing from the lineage of the five … Continue reading

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