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Reversing a list in Haskell

Totally bored and jobless over this surprisingly silent weekend, I decided to revisit some of the Haskell programs that I had written when I took the Functional programming course during the previous year. While I was at it, I remembered … Continue reading

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Fun with Limit languages

Given an alphabet the set of all finite words over is denoted by . The set of all infinite words over is denoted by . For any infinite word let denote the set of all prefixes of . For a … Continue reading

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Test post

Trying out a desktop client for blogs. The thing is for the past few months, though I have been writing quite a bit, I haven’t been posting enough since I am too lazy to go to the wordpress site and … Continue reading

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Freedom from browser

So, this wild idea struck me yesterday when I was trying to set up Thunderbird for my college email account. As of today, my primary personal email is Gmail, my feed reader is Google reader, my calender is Google calender, … Continue reading

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Latex Test

Again, does work from Blogilo ? Turns out, it does!

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Repressed and Rebels : Part 2

One of the advantages (or disadvantages, depends on how you see it) of the life as a grad student is the ample amount that’s available to waste away. Being a grad student, I make really good use of this opportunity … Continue reading

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