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Reversing a list in Haskell

Totally bored and jobless over this surprisingly silent weekend, I decided to revisit some of the Haskell programs that I had written when I took the Functional programming course during the previous year. While I was at it, I remembered … Continue reading

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JEST done

I took the JEST-2010 (Joint Entrance Screening Test) today. Institutes such as the Institute of Mathematical Sciences Chennai, and now apparently even the Chennai Mathematical Institute shortlist candidates for their MSc and PhD programs based on scores of this test. … Continue reading

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Cause and Effect

While working on idle power management, I used vaidy’s klog based patches to profile an idle system to obtain stats such as: * The time when a cpu enters into the tickless idle mode * The various interrupts that bring … Continue reading

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Recently Discovered

Raghu Dixit , the Album and the Artiste The music of Black & White Cul de Sac Comic Strip Python Programming Language

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Okay, henceforth decided to give the opening and closing mood a break! Anyway, I am currently reading the Linux scheduler load balancing code. And there’s this one function called find_busiest_group() which looks something like this: Now by the time I … Continue reading

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