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Griffith Ramayana: Balakanda: Canto 1

The first sarga of Balakanda begins with Valmiki questioning Narada  about the existence of a special kind of human being. He was inquisitive to know: In all this world, I pray thee, who Is virtuous, heroic, true? Firm in his … Continue reading

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Griffith Ramayana: Invocatory Verses

I mentioned in my previous post that I have been reading Ralph T.H Griffith’s translation of Ramayana in verse. I finished the Balakanda and am planning to write a summary of the interesting verses and events I encountered therein. This … Continue reading

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Bought Griffith’s translation of Rámáyańa

Finally I got my copy of Ralph T.H. Griffith’s translation of Rámáyańa in verse. For the past two weeks, whenever I could find some free time, I have been reading it on my android phone. The epubs are available on … Continue reading

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My encounters with rAmAyaNa

My mother taught me alphabets long before I joined school in 1988. So, when I was between the ages 2.5 and 3.5 I had learnt how to write my A,B,C’s. The earliest memory from my life that I can recollect … Continue reading

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