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Weekend Mujik (Continued …)

Opening Mood: New version is out… Gotta start porting everything soon.Opening Song: Piano Man – Billy Joel.Have you noticed that when you want something *very* badly, it’s always out of stock. Like yesterday, I went to Planet M, hoping to … Continue reading

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Weekend Mujik

Opening Mood: Weekend Blues!Opening Song: Piano Man – Billy Joel. I walked to office today. It was pretty early in the morning and there wasn’t much of traffic. And had Radio Indigo to keep me company. The usual soundtracks played … Continue reading

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Undecided yet

Opening Mood: Accomplished – Patches posted.Opening Song: Lucy in the Sky – The Beatles. Ok, I am not quite sure what to write about. Haven’t thought of anything. But I *know*, I will write something and in a matter of … Continue reading

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Evolution Vs Revolution

Opening Mood : Attentive.. Running stress tests 🙂Opening Song : None.This is what the Benevolent Dictator for Life ( read Linus Torvalds ) had to say about Evolution vs Revolution. “Only stupid people think they should throw away old proven … Continue reading

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