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Movies based on Books

I have often heard people opine that great books don’t necessarily translate into great movies, for whatever reasons. In my limited experience, I haven’t seen great many a movie based on a book that I have already read. In fact, … Continue reading

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Mumbai Meri Jaan

I watched “Mumbai Meri Jaan” yesterday. It’s a movie about the post-7/11 serial bomb blast experiences of a few Mumbaikars. The movie is an honest attempt in filmmaking. It has it’s heart in the right place. It does not try … Continue reading

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Black and White

Opening Mood: Good Morning Bangalore! Opening Song: Lakshya – Title track Saw Subhash Ghai’s movie Black and White yesterday. If not anything, I must say it is a th0ught provoking and a brave attempt by the man who has been … Continue reading

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Parika: Mangalore style da vonas

Opening Mood: TGISunday! Opening Song: Dhoom Again – Dhoom 2 We had been to Parika yesterday night for dinner. It is a restaurant on the CMH road, which serves mangalore cuisine. If you love neeru-dosas, sannas, kori-rotti, tangy and coconutty … Continue reading

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The Terminal

Opening Mood: Woke up just now! Good morning! Opening Song: Girl from yesterday – The Eagles Watched the movie The Terminal yesterday night. It was absolutely awesome! A story of a man stranded in the JFK airport because his country … Continue reading

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Two Bollywood Movies Same day!

Opening Mood: I’m full after the dinner. Opening Song: Saawariya (Reprise) Saawariya. I watched two bollywood movies today afternoon. Dus Kahaniyan and Om Shanti Om. And I liked them both. While Dus Kahaniyan reminded me of Jeffery Archer’s short stories: … Continue reading

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Had a busy two weeks reviving the Cpu-Hotplug effort. Two versions have already been posted and the just finished porting the third one against the latest kernel version. And that’s when I finally got around to use Git. Git is … Continue reading

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