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The New Race

A tired athlete comes back to his locker after a long day of practice. He sits in his room, sipping some water. It had been a tiring day. He knows that it was to be the last of it’s kind. … Continue reading

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Question, Description and Answer regarding Life, The Universe and Everything

S —> S; S —> S(S); S(X) —> S(Powerset(X)); S(X) —> S; Key to interpreting the symbols: Empty Set, ∅ as “Nothing-else”. {X} as “The Description of X”. {X,Y,…} as “The Description of X and Y and …” S(X) as … Continue reading

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Repressed and Rebels

Opening Mood: Good Morning, and I’m still grumpy Opening Song: None. I saw him at the coffee house yesterday. It’s been more than a year since we last met. He hasn’t changed a bit. Dressed in a loose T-shirt and … Continue reading

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