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IPL Season 2: Famous Last Words

A month back, before this year’s great Indian cricketing Circus Began, I made a few predictions the teams involved. About the finalists of this season, I had said, Though I will be rooting for Royal Challengers Bangalore throughout the tournament,  … Continue reading

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Flashback: Linux and moi

Quick takes: India leads the 7 match series 4-0. Dhoni’s Dashers do it again. Poker has become the new favourite game here at Civilization.inc If a team loses the match due to losing the toss, can you use the phrase … Continue reading

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Old Love

No, I am not talking about Eric Clapton’s song or Jeffery Archer’s senti short story. I am refering to Number Theory, a subject which I have liked and aced since my high school upto my engineering. We had Number Theory … Continue reading

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Scattered Mind

People who know me, know the fact that I like to keep my options open. Simply because it allows the freedom to defer any decision till it really needs to be taken. However, in the last couple of years, I … Continue reading

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Mask of Sanity

Opening Mood: OLS paper got selected! Opening Song: None Funny thing! When luck doesn’t favor you in love but the loved one gets lucky, you celebrate with them, wearing a mask of sanity, the price for which you pay by … Continue reading

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Repressed and Rebels

Opening Mood: Good Morning, and I’m still grumpy Opening Song: None. I saw him at the coffee house yesterday. It’s been more than a year since we last met. He hasn’t changed a bit. Dressed in a loose T-shirt and … Continue reading

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Opening Mood: Recovering from flu. Opening Song: Leaving Home – Indian Ocean. Today, as India celebrates its 60th anniversary of Independence, I am trying to put into words what freedom means to me. Freedom, is a very basic and pure … Continue reading

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