Two Bollywood Movies Same day!

Opening Mood: I’m full after the dinner.
Opening Song: Saawariya (Reprise) Saawariya.

I watched two bollywood movies today afternoon. Dus Kahaniyan and Om Shanti Om. And I liked them both.

While Dus Kahaniyan reminded me of Jeffery Archer’s short stories: Short, crisp and a nice li’l twist in the end. OTOH, Om Shanti Om was a real tribute to the 70’s Bollywood and it did so by being deliberately pretentious!

Okay, the details – In Dus Kahaniyan I liked all the stories except the first two. Matrimony and High on Highway had nothing new to offer. Both were based on the concepts I have grown up seeing in regional movies. But the other stories were very well written. Be it the dilemma that the mother faces in Pooranmasi, the dilemma of hunger over religion that the “shudh brahmin” lady faces in Rice Plate, the sweet story about destiny over decisiveness ,i.e Lovedale, the importance of living every moment in Gubbare, or the cool editing to make up for the lack of a story in Rise and Fall. Zahir was okay okay and Sex on the beach was definitely scary in parts! But I like the concept very much. It’s like buying a full day’s ticket to watch a bunch of twenty20 cricket matches. It’s highly unlikely that you will be disappointed in all parts 🙂

And coming to Om Shanti Om, I had heard enough about the movie, and had even been narrated the whole story. So the first half was not very funny or exciting. That’s one bad thing about reading reviews (If you’ve not read the movie, don’t read further! you might get biased). However, as they say “imitation is the best form of flattery”, this movie truly imitated the various different mannerisms of the people in the film industry. If there was one single sequence I would want to single out as the funniest, it would have to be the Filmfare awards where Abhishek Bacchan is one of the nominees for the best actor award! And of course, Shah Rukh Khan ensured that his money doesn’t go waste, by adding an Item number (with himself!! Yuck!!) and the other song with half of the Bollywood in it. The ending I thought was brilliant! I mean it was like saying, “Impossible is nothing! We can better it!!” It’s a fun film. Watch it, but please don’t THINK 😉

To a fun filled weekend!

Closing Song: Tum se Hi – Jab We Met
Closing Mood: In mood for another movie or a good book!


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A jack of many trades of which , Linux Kernel Programming puts food on the table. Also pursuing his PhD in the area Theoretical Computer Science at the Chennai Mathematical Institute. Is an avid reader interested in the Hindu traditions and philosophy. Loves Bicycling and Good Music. Name is Ranjal Gautham Shenoy.
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One Response to Two Bollywood Movies Same day!

  1. wanderlust says:

    initially, i thought dus kahaaniyan was some horror flick on the lines of darna mana hai and darna zaroori hai on hearing the title…. but later i found out it’s different…. looking forward to watching it.
    and OSO… i guess to enjoy it from start to finish you need to be a complete bollywood aficionado.

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