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A juicy news-report proves nothing

While flipping through the channels in the middle of watching IPL (which I haven’t followed this year as eagerly as I used to in the previous years), one of the news channels was having it’s report on the arrest of … Continue reading

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shAnti mantrA: Aitareya UpaniShad

Every Upanishad begins with a Shanti Mantra or a Peace Chant. Some of the popular Shanti mantras include “Om Poornamadah poornamidam…” which is the Shanti Mantra of the the Ishavasya Upanishad as well as Brhadaranyaka Upanishad. Another popular Shanti mantra … Continue reading

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The Classification of Vedas

Towards the end of the SandhyAvandanA, I remember reciting the following: bhArgava, chyavana, ApnavAn, aurava, jamadajnya, pancha rShi pravarAnvita vatsa gotrOtpannaha AshvalAyana sUtra, shAkala shAKhAdhAyih gautama sharmaH ahaM bho abhivAdaye Which translates to: Hailing from the lineage of the five … Continue reading

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Dharma Monologues: Structure of the Systems

A couple of months ago, I had posted an entry titled Dharmayuddha@Kurukshetra.in where I wrote about the rules of engagement in the Mahabharata war. In the penultimate paragraph, I mentioned the following: One might want to question the validity of … Continue reading

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