Finished solving Klueless4 this morning. What started as a time-pass activity this Thursday evening when cheezo announced it on one of the office IRC channels, culminated today morning with the crossing of the last level. I got stuck at five or six places and KCG helped me move on in the right direction.

And here’s how I conquered it. For those who haven’t solved it yet, and intend to solve it, let me assure you that I won’t be giving away any more clues that what you can already spot. But may be I’ll mention what inspired me to take a particular direction. Beware though, may also means may not ๐Ÿ™‚

Level 0 : Just entered it without any trouble.

Level 1: I was wondering why did Klueless people need Captchas. But it had more to it than what I thought when I started out. Again an easy level, but proved to be necessary at a later stage.

Level 2: Didn’t take me too much time to realize that I was dwelling in the past. So changed something to get me back to the present.

Level 3: Noted down the mistakes to relish the goodies!

Level 4: Got the number sequence. Was thinking of the Brit serial which inspired the hindi counterpart, which was mentioned on the title. Didn’t know until this point that the source would have the clue. Cheezo pointed me to the source. Cracked the thing, through the Discover of clue in the source.

Level 5: Googled the clue in the source which advised me that this question was a “shameless plug” . Followed the link, searched for the clue there. The answer was staring at me.

Level 6: Saw the figure. It was named dd.png. The title said quack. Ended up thinking about the wrong cartoon character with the initials dd, and connecting it with the synonym for quack. That didn’t work. Then saw the picture more closely. This time got the right cartoon character. Wiki’ed it. This was the case where the means mattered more than the ends ๐Ÿ™‚

Level 7: Although this one should have been the easiest for me to crack, I sat on it for two hours. While alternating between this puzzle and a patch that I was working on, I was thinking of all the wrong things. KCG guided me here to the right thing, but still failed to see it. I don’t know, if I was a git or something, but should have realized the importance of doing first things first. The order was present in the clue. This was my first roadblock, despite being such an easy one.

Level 8: The picture was a dead give away, and so was the first line of the poem. The first answerย  I tried was the correct one. Didn’t have to bother about Lucas and Santa, though in retrospect, they were nice connects.

Level 9: Not a major follower of the Simpson. So didn’t know what the hell was going on here. But KCG told me that it was a code. And I applied distributive property and some Da Vinci code theorems, looked carefully at the font and the background picture. Got this one.

Level 10: I knew it was something to do with Hollywood celebrities. The inner circle and the outer circle patterns gave away the connect. The question marks were asking who were the missing ones. But it had to be one word. While casually chatting about these observations with KCG, he told me that I was going in the right direction. Wikiing up the combination of the inner and the outer circles, I found that one word about whom most tabloids keep bragging about.

Level 11: This was plain wiki puzzle once I googled those famous names. Solved it in no time.

Level 12: I knew the what was the name of the figure, since I wrote programs to generate it! But I was trying to see how the other pictures were connected to the geometry of the universe. Set off in the wrong direction by thinking about the noodle soup, and Africa. Finally when nothing worked, I decided to enter the thing which I originally knew about. Turned out, it was right!

Level 13: The font gave away what we were talking about. I entered the right thing in the first attempt, but didn’t qualify how many. That became clearer after wading through the gibberish. Again, doing first things first helped here.

Level 14: Had no clue. So googled it up. Found a vendor’s site which told me what it was called!

Level 15a: Too easy that even my very educated morons who just screwed up neo planet could answer what we were talking about.

Level 15c: Why is the lamb muted? Did it have anything to do with the Red dragon ? Oh, I think I got the answer.

Level 15b: Having found the answer to 15 a and 15c, both of which resulted in a dead end, I was stuck wondering, what to do with these answers. How can I use them in 15b ? I could see that conquer was having a shade of red. So was it conquered? KCG told me to start over with a fresh mindset. And it was then where I saw that the thing which earlier appeared as a harmless bot-avoidance measure had more to it..

Level 16: Took some time off, went back to my Linux patches. Knew this had something to do with the SMS lingo. Also, the numbers in the name of the figure pointed me that it was similar to level 7. Slept over it. Friday morning, it dawned upon me, and I got thru! Good wordplay. Kudos to the folks who designed it.

Level 17: Didn’t take too much time for this one. Downloaded the image, and viewed it with some levels of zoom. The logic was turned on it’s head, and it was my life which got spared, I was not hung! Got thru this one with ease.

Level 18: Solved the first two clues. But couldn’t make any sense out of it. So slept off. Next morning, KCG reminded that I might be using it all the time. Made me think, and the bells rang. Though I don’t own the finnish product, I was able to substitute the pounds at the right places, and the level was faithfully executed.

Level 19: The easiest of the lot, in my opinion. Took a minute to solve it. Just looking at the pictures. They were shouting out the answer way too loudly.

Level 20: I googled for the exact text and summed it up. Would have taken me all the days in year otherwise, since I had no way of knowing what these symbols were.

Level 21: This is the level where I committed double mistakes. At both parts. I got the right characters, but didn’t get the right da vinci decode right. When KCG told me that, instead of copying the file and applying an operation on it, I copied the text and applied the operation, resulting in a wrong answer.. The approach was correct. but the execution was flawed. That’s how I would sum it up. Anyway, got thru this.

Level 22: Things were staring at me, asking for the right term. For the first time yahoo, and not google helped me here with the answers. When I typed in the general term, the level designers probably having anticipated that, asked me to be more specific. Entered that without missing anything. It was perfect to the T.

Level 23: When I saw the word crypt, I should have guessed that it had something to do with Dan Brown’s upcoming novel. But I like a git, downloaded the image, and turned it around, rearragned it, but couldn’t make any sense. Then saw the clue, and thought of SBI, but that too wasn’t to be. Finally KCG said that I was right in going for the sponsers, but it had to do with some other major tournament, and not klueless. I thought of prudential, the olympics, FIFA, and finally entered the right thing. I am still at a loss though, how the crypt after deciphering it is linked to the answer.

Level 24: Another favorite of mine. I saw those words, and saw the money, and saw the clue. The first thing that came to my mind was newspapers. It wasn’t that simple. Then I started wikiing for the events mentioned in that poem. Still nothing. Finally looked at the picture carefully and realized the value of the words. Then Mary fell in place. And so did the recluse. The answer was right there on the wikipage!

Level 25: I slept over this one as well. Had no clue what so ever. The title said notepad, the clue said, “the key is not here”. I was looking at the numbers and trying to form something using the bits on the calculator screen that werent numbered. Was really trying out everything that could cross my mind. Finally, saw something on the klueless4 blog where someone had written “oh, it’s so simple. just type it”. I typed what was so simple. and got thru. I still don’t know the connect. Probably one has to use some alternate software to open that png file. I don’t own the software nevertheless.

Level 26: 3 tries. Got it. In 30 seconds. The konigsberg bridge coupled with the skater’s image were the clues that gave away the answer at the first look. I just had to try out two synonyms before hitting the right one. Not impossible to solve at all, though the title may claim so.

Level 27: xy in the source gave it away. There were three numbers, and in different directions. Just used one of the google services to locate the wonderful answer.

Level 28: I cracked all the clues in within a minute. But couldn’t put them together. Or rather , did put them together, but was searching for the wrong thing. Should have known that the Batman Rescue had to do with a da-vinci theorem again. KCG told me to persist in the direction I was going in. And I got the answer. Didn’t realize the significance of the second, third and the fourth clue until after finding the answer.

Level 29: This was a kick-ass level! Looked at the source, cracked the cipher, didn’t know what it meant so slept over it. This morning, KCG told me what that meant, didn’t have the necessary software, since I use Linux. So, searched for translations online. The first translation got me the five characters. These had to be put thru another set of translations using the cousin of the first clue. And there was a mathematical sum staring at me. Solved it, and got thru.

Level 30: Found the differences. Didn’t know I had to find the differences of differences. Again, another reference to the Da Vinci Code. Another series. Got it.

Level 31: Took me less than fifteen seconds to crack this one. And I was klueless!!

Entered the details for the Hall of Fame. To be honest, I don’t think I can claim it, since I got a lot of prodding from KCG whenever I got stuck for a long time. Though I didn’t receive any direct answers, I did receive nudges and pushes in the right direction, along which the answer wasn’t quite far off. Nevertheless I had a great time racking my brains inorder to crack these puzzles. More importantly, they taught me a whole lot of stuff which I wasn’t aware of before. Like ixnay, amscray, diacritics, pigpen, dingbat to name a few.

You can read about KCG’s experience of solving Klueless4 on his blog.ย  As for myself, you’ve already seen that I am just a happy camper! I have now entered this thing and seen it from the inside. How is it on the Inside? Well, on the inside .. it doesn’t matter. I just know that this is not an exit ๐Ÿ˜‰


About gautshen

A jack of many trades of which , Linux Kernel Programming puts food on the table. Also pursuing his PhD in the area Theoretical Computer Science at the Chennai Mathematical Institute. Is an avid reader interested in the Hindu traditions and philosophy. Loves Bicycling and Good Music. Name is Ranjal Gautham Shenoy.
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23 Responses to Klueless4

  1. monita says:

    heyyy i wonder how u solved level 8 so easily…..i m stuck on it since yesterday….can u plzzz help me with that…???

  2. ego says:

    Like I said, look at the image carefully. It tells you whom/what are we talking about. Find out what is a lucas number. The recurring appearance of the thing happens once in that number. And finally who pulls santa’s sleigh? Does the thing have a name? Put all these together, and you’ll get the name of the stroke on the heavenly face.

  3. Neha says:

    I just cant understand level 25 ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
    been trying since the last 3 hours. totally clueless.
    help please ?

  4. ego says:

    I had a hard time figuring it out myself. What I would suggest you do is take a look at what I have written about my dilemma, a closer look at the title of the page. When you get the answer I’m sure you’ll kick yourself, since the answer is really easy!

  5. N says:

    I got #13 by fluke because I could recognise the script they were trying to match. but i just have to know the cipher! What was the code?

  6. ego says:

    For the benefit of those who haven’t yet solved the level, I would mail you the connect in private. Don’t forget the golden rule. Do First things First ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. N says:

    hinterlandreamer@yahoo.co.in… i just couldn’t get it. Plus the font just kept screaming out the answer! thanks!

  8. N says:

    got it now! that last line helped…just asn’t seeing it right.

  9. LOTR says:

    Need help with level 9 please..
    Decoded the text but how do i come to know what language is it??

  10. a says:

    .thro to lvl 25..ur hints did help in a big way..thnx
    bt really mixd up in dat lvl….can u plz give more clues?

  11. RM says:

    Hey I am stuck on Level 15c for the past day. I figured it has got something to do with the Book of revelations but i am just not getting it! .. can you mail me the answer at rmmanu07@gmail.com ?

  12. a says:

    completed klueless thnx 2 ur hints

  13. Srinath says:

    Need help with level 28…stuck on it for sometime now…got the connect in the clues there…but batman?da vinci?doesnt ring a bell…..

  14. S] says:

    hiii..cud u plz tell me the answer to level 18….

  15. cancarean84 says:

    Stuck at 12… please help! I do not know the name of the figure!

  16. Johny says:

    Lvl 29. Any pointers on how to crack the cipher in the source code ??

    8 11 18 23 22 9 , 21 12 13 7 ??

  17. jia says:

    cant figure out level 6..hav tried all the possible cartoon ducks

  18. manu says:

    not able to solve level 31..

  19. jp says:

    please give me hint for 29….
    i am completely stuck

  20. jeevan says:

    stuck at level 4 cant sequence the numbers. plz help

  21. viki says:

    me too …. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ L4????????????

  22. Chris says:

    I don’t get Level 18… I have hints “connect” and “code.”

  23. Wesley Nardo says:

    Will certainly come back again taking you feeds also, Thanks.

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