Scattered Mind

People who know me, know the fact that I like to keep my options open. Simply because it allows the freedom to defer any decision till it really needs to be taken.

However, in the last couple of years, I have observed that this has a common side effect: A totally scattered mind which is trying to multitask between hundreds of things at the same time!

In the process of ensuring that I had my options open, I found myself surrounded with so many options that all the time was spent in hunting for the most favorable one. Irony is that, the same time could have been used to act on one of these hundred options!

Today morning, I read this article titled “Pitching with Purpose” which talks of Focus and Self-Discipline:

“Self-discipline is a form of freedom. Freedom from laziness and lethargy, freedom from expectations and demands of others, freedom from weakness and fear — and doubt.”

All this while I thought of discipline as something that bound you or constrained your natural flow. But this article gives a totally new perspective.


About gautshen

A jack of many trades of which , Linux Kernel Programming puts food on the table. Also pursuing his PhD in the area Theoretical Computer Science at the Chennai Mathematical Institute. Is an avid reader interested in the Hindu traditions and philosophy. Loves Bicycling and Good Music. Name is Ranjal Gautham Shenoy.
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One Response to Scattered Mind

  1. theG says:

    hmm. isn’t that making you deterministic? 😛

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