Opening Mood: Recovering from flu.
Opening Song: Leaving Home – Indian Ocean.

Today, as India celebrates its 60th anniversary of Independence, I am trying to put into words what freedom means to me.

Freedom, is a very basic and pure ideology. An ideology so powerful that many fought for it, many died for its cause. For many, Freedom was about living a life which was free from oppression, where you did not have to justify every action of yours to some one else, where you could live your life in the manner you chose to. This is my understanding and I feel that it was for this “freedom” that many struggled.

I am not comparing our degree of freedom, using interrogatives like, “Have we completely achieved that yet?” or “Are we there yet?”. Nor am I seeking to shed more light upon imperatives like “This freedom was hard earned. It’s our duty to protect it”. Their relevance might be paramount in various contexts, but in the context of pure freedom, they, in my humble opinion are nothing but contradictions. The moment we start trying to put “freedom” into words, it’ll stop being free! It’ll be bound by the very words which “define” it, making it something definite! So what am I trying here? Come to think of it, writing another haughty article on freedom like this one, is only adding to that bundle of contradictions!

<snip snip snip>

We all know what Freedom means, don’t we?! So, why bother to define something that is so pure and primitive? Why not just live for what it is, without justifications?!

Happy Independence Day to you all 🙂

Closing Song: Melancholic Ecstasy – Indian Ocean
Closing Mood: Enlightened!


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A jack of many trades of which , Linux Kernel Programming puts food on the table. Also pursuing his PhD in the area Theoretical Computer Science at the Chennai Mathematical Institute. Is an avid reader interested in the Hindu traditions and philosophy. Loves Bicycling and Good Music. Name is Ranjal Gautham Shenoy.
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  1. Kripal says:

    page looks different. freedom from all the graphics? 😉 nice one by the way.

  2. j says:


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