Opening Mood: Chillout and relaxed. NZ cruising along against Canada.
Opening Song: Dooba Dooba – Silk Route
Time: 9:15 P.M, 22nd March 2007.

I visited Indian Institute Of Information Technology Bangalore (IIITB) today to deliver a lecture on “Kernel Synchronization Primitives”. This being my first official technical lecture, I was quite anxious asto how it would turn out. Turned out to be pretty good. But more on that later.

The IIITB campus is situated in Electronics City, a prominent IT tech-park in Bangalore. That’s quite a distance from the place where I stay. So I had to start pretty early in the morning. I travelled to Madivala Bus stand, where I boarded the 8 A.M 356C Volvo bus. I thought it might take me an hour or so to reach Electronic City through the busy and dusty Hosur Road. But to my surprise, the volvo reached Electronic City at 8:30. That was pretty early since my lecture was scheduled at 10.AM. So much for all the cautious advice given by my office folks.

Anyway, IIITB is just a ten minute walk from the main entrance to Electronic City. As I entered the campus, the security guard stopped me. I guess he mistook me for a student without an ID! Gah! I had to explain, that I was here to deliver a lecture and not to attend one πŸ™‚

At the reception I found Babita, a 2nd Semester student was waiting for me. I was led into a conference room, where I spent some time checking my mails and chatting with the students. Surprisingly, even IIITB has the static IP scheme. I don’t realize why universities prefer static IP addresses instead of opting for DHCP. First at NITK and now IIITB.

I was escorted to the lecture hall at 9:45. And I must admit, I am very much impressed with the design of the hall. Around 120 students can be accomodated in the lecture hall. They have a control room from which all the projectors and the microphones can be controlled. There were five screens in total. Two of them were projecting my Thinkpad screen. There was a SmartBoard which really impressed me. Hats off to the inventor, whoever it is.

It’s nothing more tha a big touchscreen board connected to a laptop using a USB cable. The laptop has to run the Smartnotes software, whose image was projected on the touch screen. So you write anything on the touch screen, it transmits the points of contact over the USB cable into the laptop, and the SmartNotes software maps the point of contact onto the laptop screen, thereby actually “drawing” what you drew on the touchscreen. And that’s projected back on the touchscreen, giving the effect that you’re actually drawing something on the touchscreen! A very neat concept if you ask me. There’s more to it. You need not erase everytime you have filled up the screen. You just click to go to a new page! The students don’t need to take down the notes as each of “pages” on the screen can be saved as a jpeg/pdf file and mailed to the students. That’s one smart use of technology as a teaching aid.

I started the talk at 10:00 A.M sharp and the hall was pretty much filled up. I hope it wasn’t due to the attendence constraints because of which I used to attend most of the seminars in my college days! At 11, we took a 10 minute break and the second part of the lecture went upto 12:15. I know, I know, I overshot but this is Synchronization – a topic on which I can go on and on for hours. I could find quite a few interested faces among the crowd. And there were a few interesting queries as well.

I am extremely glad that Dr.Shrisha Rao, my host at IIITB is organising talks by the industry folks on the subjects which the students are currently studying. This would definitely give them an insight into the relavence of what they learn in computer science theory.

By the way, after the lecture got over, the students gave me a cool IIITB T-shirt as a memento. Now, how cool is that?!

I am looking forward to more such opportunities. After all, as the great VishwaKnuth once said, “Kutching is my birthright” πŸ˜‰

Closing Song: O Sanam – Lucky Ali.
Closing Mood: NZ could have done better. But not bad.


About gautshen

A jack of many trades of which , Linux Kernel Programming puts food on the table. Also pursuing his PhD in the area Theoretical Computer Science at the Chennai Mathematical Institute. Is an avid reader interested in the Hindu traditions and philosophy. Loves Bicycling and Good Music. Name is Ranjal Gautham Shenoy.
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7 Responses to IIITB

  1. Sathya says:

    Hey buddy,

    Good job man… and hey did you know our college also had a smartscreen/board? it was tehre in the ISTE seminar hall….


  2. rand0mwalker says:

    Yup! I remember seeing it during Engineer or one of the Math conferences. But I have rarely seen lecturers use it. They should have one such in ATB seminar hall/ Comp Dept Seminar hall.

  3. Kripal says:

    ohhhhhh…… guess that means i’ll have to hurry up to bangalore and take your autograph before it becomes impossible to do so πŸ˜‰ just pulling your leg man. thats great. congrats on a job well done. i dont think u should have been worried about it being your “first time” πŸ™‚ Kutching is our birthright and we have been doing it since a long time.

  4. Vaijanath says:

    Look….. Experience under certified kutchers (Me offcourse πŸ™‚ ) is paying off…..
    Congrats man…. Read ur blog after a long time.

  5. gowthaman says:

    most of our projects involve hosting a server in our laptop, like testing a web registration form
    a webpage for collecting profile information of students etc..

    so i think the idea of having static ip is good in once sense, anywayz i have no idea/knowledge about “why dynamic ip’s?”

  6. Mallya says:

    Hey great dude… I too need your autograph πŸ˜‰
    I guess I already have from our schooling days πŸ™‚

  7. rand0mwalker says:

    Yessir! Thou art my teacher in this art. I used to read the text books, understand the stuff with a lot of trouble, and explain so that you could kutch your way to glory in the semesters!

    Well, if you are hosting both the client and server on the same laptop (for the demo) you can always use localhost (

    If the client resides on some other m/c, it can still connect to the server using the IP address of your laptop. Dynamic IP doesn’t mean that IP addresses keep changing at the blink of an eye. DHCP follows a nice lease period funda, which allows you to retain the IP address till the lease expires.

    I should be having mine somewhere! I hope I have not lost it while shifting homes!

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