Opening Mood: Tired and Frustrated.
Opening Song: Oh! Why ain’t I listening to any music today ?

I used to think, being a bachelor is good. It gives you all the freedom to do whatever you want, to come home at anytime you want, to go out with anyone you want and so on! I never thought all this freedom would backfire. Why/How?

Being a bachelor (however eligible) doesn’t guarantee you one of the most basic needs – Housing. At-least this is true in case of Bangalore and I had to find it out the real hard way.

I won’t go on about the pain I had to go through to find a decent accommodation ( by decent I mean a place which is more than just a crash-dump after a hard day’s nice work) in Bangalore. All I was looking for was a spacious, well lit house/apartment in a nice residential area (Indiranagar) which was close to my office. Basically a decent house in a decent neighborhood. And I would be sharing it with three other friends of mine. So affordability (is that a word?) was not a problem at all.

The problem was that the landlords seem to think, “good” houses aren’t for bachelors. Bachelors cannot afford to maintain it clean and neat. Bachelors basically get all their friends, party all night, play some loud death metal music. They will roam around in their bikes (vroom vrrrrom will cause a lot of nuisance for the neighbors) and come home at odd hours. Basically they are a bunch of unreliable, unsafe, irresponsible idiots. Period.

OK. So bachelors are not good tenants no matter how well qualified/behaved/cultured they are. Fine. Families are better tenants. Great.

Let me give these stupid short-sighted landlords, an example which won’t be hard to find in today’s not-so-happily-married age.

What if a family that comes as a tenant has the following “configuration”: A Man, his wife, his mother, and two kids. Their past track record (which is not told at the time of renting out the house ) goes something like this:

* The Man is a party animal who loves “entertaining” his friends at home.

* The wife doesn’t like her mother-in-law and vice-versa; Hence they fight like b**ches all the time.

* The elder kid is a John Nash/ Da Vinci/ Picasso in the making. It thinks that the walls are for its personal/educational/recreational purposes.

* The younger kid is a nuisance crying all the as if it was born to advertise it’s supersonic capabilities.

* The man’s mother gossips all day long with the neighbors. She likes the social attention. (You wouldn’t be surprised with that, now would you? )

* The husband and wife probably fight every night ( Why? Don’t ask me! What do I know? At-least, that’s what happens in all of Ekta Kapoor’s dirty soaps, the last time I checked ).

Would these things be known about the family when they move in as tenants? So on what basis are bachelors (that too the ones whom you have spoken to and cross examined umpteen times asking zillion personal questions) bad tenants?

Sigh! I guess the next time, I should probably check up with a relationships broker before checking up with a real-estate broker :-P. Let me know if you know any good ones!!

After all a good house is a basic necessity! House ke liye saala kuch bhi karega!

Closing Song: I forgot to press the play button.
Closing Mood: Looking at the kernel code. Regaining my sanity.


About gautshen

A jack of many trades of which , Linux Kernel Programming puts food on the table. Also pursuing his PhD in the area Theoretical Computer Science at the Chennai Mathematical Institute. Is an avid reader interested in the Hindu traditions and philosophy. Loves Bicycling and Good Music. Name is Ranjal Gautham Shenoy.
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4 Responses to Bachelor

  1. Vaiju... says:

    Same case here bro,
    All the descent residential areas do not give houses for bachelors and all the dirty places are available for twice the amount which it is wort…
    When we were searching for a house, the moment I told my company name the rent would go up by 1000 bucks….:) .One landlord reasoned like this… Aapko utna milyega to Hamein bhi do na…..:) as if I am working for her….

  2. rand0mwalker says:

    I see a good business opportunity for someone who plans to build an apartment complex just for bachelors. Let them not be ultra hi-fi buildings, but something which are decent enough that earning bachelors can occupy and live comfortably.

    I wish the corporates and the government start some joint venture in this direction. I wish 🙂

  3. Shivdeep says:

    Yup…An idea worth exploring. With a cafe and a pizza haunt below. A swimming pool and an exclusive bike parking place. Also sound-proof apartments so that some Hindi Romeo doesn’t haunt the metals. A free room clean-up service, once a week. Ready-to-use Internet broadband connection… and a good gardener who knows the difference between roses and weed 😉

  4. rand0mwalker says:

    Yeah right!! If they could provide all these facilities, even married men would be ready to leave their wives and stay there as bachelors 😉

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