Eragon by Christopher Paolini

Eragon,the first book of the “Inheritance Trilogy” tells the story of a
young farm boy named Eragon and how his world changes since the day he finds a
bright blue stone. How gets to become the “chosen” one to be first among
the next generation of Dragon Riders,a race considered extinct.
Helping him in his pursuit are Brom,the story teller,
Murtagh a trustworthy friend with a doomed legacy,Varden the rebels,
Arya the elf and of course his dragon Saphira (pronounced as Saf-ea-raa).

The story is set in Alagaesia – the kingdom of a evil king named Galbatorix,
a former Dragon rider himself who had usurped the throne by betraying
his felow riders. There’s a faction who call themselves Varden (The Warders)
who had challenged against Galbotorix’s despotism.
So it’s basically set amidst a raging war for supremacy.

The story consists of all the elements of fantasy.
There is magic, there are Urgals ( akin to the Orcs of LOTR)
the Kull ( eq. to Uruk-hai’s of LOTR ), there are soccerrers and Witches,
there are Dragons, Werecats, Dwarfs and Elfs. There’s also the ancient
language, the dwarven language to add more flavor to fantasy.Very similar
to LOTR (which I haven’t yet read) probably.

Coming to the characters,

Eragon’s a young farm boy who accidentaly discovers something which makes
him the next Dragon rider. Hardly fifteen, he is confused about his destiny.
His transformation from an adoloscent to a brave and manly dragon
rider is very well portrayed.

What’s more endearing is the relationship between the Rider and his dragon.
You never feel that Saphira is a dragon.Paolini has made her very human.
She can relate to Eragon like no one else,counsel him wisely and also
display emotions when there is a need.In the other folklore, Dragons have
always been objects of fear, but in this one novel, through Saphira
you’ll find them very much lovable.

The other character that stands out is that of Brom. Old, he
is but also wise and strong. A perfect teacher for someone who is destined
to be a Dragon Rider. He has many secrets, most of which are revealed
in the novel. A strong character and a well etched one.

Murtagh appears a worthy ally. He is a bit older than Eragon, but
is supremely skilled in the art of weilding the blade. He has his priorities
right and is wise. The only thing that goes against him is his flawed past.

Bad guys : We encounter in this novel the
Urgals – a monstrous species which are neither humans nor animals. Call them
brutes if you will. The Kull which are the elite among the Urgals are like
some eight feet tall and more powerful. Then we have the Shade, the main
bad guy in the book – a powerful man who has traded his soul with the evil
for power. He is very cunning and extremely competent with the blade.

There are others who manage to make an impact in their brief appearence
Jeod (pronounced Jode) Brom’s friend, Arya the egg carrier elf,
Orik the dwarf, Ajihad – the wise leader of Varden, Angela the witch,
Solembaum the werecat to name a few.

Out and out it is a very vell written book. Something which I would strongly
recommend to anyone who loves fantasy. You won’t be dissappointed. I just
can’t wait to lay my hands on the second book of the trilogy entitled “Eldest“.


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  1. Kripal Pais says:

    glad to c that you enjoyed the book.

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