Hack and Hack until it Yields!

Opening Mood: Chirpy…
Opening Song: Chandu ke Chacha ne – Aasma ( on 91FM)

Hi.. Back after a long long time.. I was casually going thru my own blog yesterday, and I observed my own categorization of the blogs I read.. There’s the Regulars consisting of Theg, N, Kripal, Barki, Numbskulls, wattever and many more.. Then there’s the Not-So-Regulars club, who write very seldom or used to write some time back.. I saw the date of my last blog.. June-20th.. The day when bangalore traffic was the worst( Atleast for me!). And it’s gonna be a month soon.. I was wondering if I had to put my own blog in the not-so-regular category… Naa, a post in time saves all that trouble…

Blame the corporate world for me not being so regular..

Yeah, the *big bad* corporate world, which makes it’s employees slog to death untill the last ounce of energy is squeezed out… This pathetic monster , gives so much work that employees have no time to go back home and enjoy even the teeny-tiny joys of life, like going thru the newspaper, or watching pogo… And the attire.. *yuck yuck* Decked in formals, top to bottom.. With polished shoes on the feet and a smile( a fake one) on their faces. And speaking in polished lingo all the time..

My impression before joining the corporate world, was exactly the same.. However, in these six weeks, the corporate world has proved me wrong..

I work in an organization, that is nothing like what I described above.

There’s flexi-timings – meaning you come and go as and when u want. As long as you get the work done, no body has any problems what-so-ever.. I haven’t seen most of my fellows in the office for a whole week, but they were working… Working from home!

And the attire, I must admit, I was completely wrong in thinking about all those formals.. The first day, I entered the office *all decked up* and I see my mates in t-shirts,jeans and casual shoes… I was like, have I even entered the right place! To make it worse, my mentor comes to me eyes my formals and says , “We don’t dress like this in here… :D” .

The work’s even better.. My company pays me for doing what I love the most… Hacking an operating system, trying out all the stunts I want to and writing papers on the results I get!!! (Not to forget filing patents, if the *hack* is really innovative). The entire day, I spend looking at the code openly available, and trying to improve it – adding new features, helping my fellow hackers if they are stuck somewhere, and of-course , reading the LKML the place where you get to know what’s everybody else working on… It’s like absolute freedom… you get to choose what you work on.. Though, you also gotta take the responsibilty for what you code… But then,responsiblity is always the price you pay for the freedom and I have no hassles with it… And the best part is that your team members are distributed all over the world… Most of them even have other day jobs, and kernel hacking is just a hobby.. Most of them don’t even have the computer science background.. But boy, can they code! One of the most-respected persons in the kernel scheduler domain is a doctor by profession!

When you like what you do, work ends up being nothing but play! As a result, I’ve had no time to post and crib about anything for the past four weeks… But I have no regrets…

Let’s hope this honeymoon with kernel hacking continues forever!! Hack and Hack until it yields…

Closing Song: Gapuchi Gapuchi Gam Gam (what does that mean?? ) – Trishul
Closing Mood: Gotta go to work!!

About gautshen

A jack of many trades of which , Linux Kernel Programming puts food on the table. Also pursuing his PhD in the area Theoretical Computer Science at the Chennai Mathematical Institute. Is an avid reader interested in the Hindu traditions and philosophy. Loves Bicycling and Good Music. Name is Ranjal Gautham Shenoy.
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9 Responses to Hack and Hack until it Yields!

  1. priya says:

    nice one!

  2. Jayanth Madhav Barki says:

    Time for me to crib…Why don’t I get this software-shoftware-hacking-wacking bullshit? Maybe Chemical was the best thing for me πŸ™‚ ( His mood suddenly brightens up)Anyway man, sounds like you havin fun in there. Carry on…Have a great time πŸ™‚

  3. Kripal Pais says:

    Someone once said get a job u like and u never will have to work a day in your life. enjoy yourself. (guess i don’t need to say that since u are apparently doing that)little confused on your last two posts. one says u were up bright and early to iron your clothes and polish your shoes. The other suggests that you have peer pressure to dress in casuals on day one.

  4. randomwalker says:

    @jayanth madhav barkiWay to go Mr.Bond.. Er, or should I say, Mr.Chemical Bond!!@kripal paisDude, I just love wearing formals.. nothing much to it.. @thegHope is a good thing and good things never die… Wait and Hope!

  5. Anonymous says:

    1). aftr havin chosen ur job, why did u have felings tat te wrk ll b ilke sloggin2). why did u wear fromals and go te first day.. didnt u kno abt te wrk culture in IBM aftr havin done te internship..blog s nice.. te transition from te supposedly bad corporate wrld to te reality which lies in thr is shown perfectly.. “choose ur love and love ur choice”… luks like u have chosen ur love πŸ˜‰ ..hope ur relationship wit hackin remains fresh like tis forever..

  6. randomwalker says:

    @Kanonymous1) Despite having chosen your job, you expect some sort of roughing up in the initial period.. that wasn’t there..2)The casual culture was supposed to be only for the interns. The official attire for employees is “business casuals”!I have chosen my love. and I am lovin my choice.. πŸ˜‰

  7. Tuhina says:

    Looks like the I-go-to-office-everyday world is totally different from I-go-to-school-everyday world…

  8. Grim Reaper says:

    Hi man,Didn’t know where to reply to your comment, since there is no personal message thing here.But yeah, it actually happened. Truth is stranger than fiction and any doubts about its authenticity u can ask chinmay.And yeah thanks for the congrats.Good blog btw.

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