Lost and Found

Opening song: California Dreamin’ – The Mamas The Papas
Opening mood: Positive

We take most things for granted, don’t we? Only,once we lose something, which we took for granted, we begin to realize the value of it… Sometimes, it’s a bit too late…

It was the tuesday night of 16th May. Having finished the Operations Research paper ( 2 bitches down!! ) we celebrated by watching Gangster. It was a ok movie, but this post is not about the movie..

The movie ended at 10. I had to get some notes from Chakra’s place, so went with him, asking the rest of the guys ( Katti, achar, shuaib,satya and vaij ) to wait for me at the Saibeen bus stand. Chakra, unfortunately took a wrong turn which caused considerable amount of delay. I reached back to the bus stand, only at 10:20, and it was deserted. My pals waited , waited before taking off on the last bus available…

Now, the week had not been particularly great.. Many people do know, it was a week of kelas and bamboos for me!! So, here I was all alone at the saibeen bus-stand, at 10:30, with no busses, waiting to hitchhike a ride back to the college.

Luckily ( yeah, luck did smile once in a while), there was a press van which offered me a ride back to the college.

I reach the college, at around 11, pay the driver and walk towards the gate.. I could sense something was wrong. I felt my pockets and boy, did it send shivers down my spine… My cell phone wasn’t with me!!! I ran after the press van, but it was too late…

One more kela, I told myself and walked back to the hostel… Dejected…

Now, the phone was not mine. I borrowed my roomie’s spare set, since mine was conked. When, I told him that I had lost my phone, he was, surprisingly,very cool about it!! I called up Chakra and told him to check out at the saibeen bus stand , but no luck..

I called my cell-phone, and it was ringing.. I just hoped someone would pick it up, but no… To add to my miseries, it was on silent mode.. Nobody could even hear it ring…
I had to put it on silent in the movie theater and forgot to turn it back to normal 😦

Wednesday morning, I go to the police station to lodge a complaint, and he asks for the Hostel Warden’s recommendation. As my luck would have it, when I come back , the hostel warden wasn’t there! I inform my parents and they too were very cool about it, despite the fact that I was negligent – something, which they usually don’t excuse. Instead they tell me to concentrate on my exams… Yeah, I had Software Engineering on Thursday.

Everyone I met, expressed his condolences and stated that the probability of getting it back was very less, so I better forget about it… Thanks for those encouraging words.. I know you were only being realistic.

I cursed myself for taking things so lightly.. I mean, in 2 years, I’ve screwed up one cell phone, got the other one drunk on sea water, lost the back cover of my roomie’s cell ( I was lucky to find it though) and now, I had lost it.. Nice statistics for a person who is gonna enter into the real world of responsibilities in a few weeks..

I call my cell again and again.. It was still ringing… Meaning, nobody had found it out yet.

Thats when the thought strikes me.. Why not try my luck one last time… At 10:45, along with Katti,shuaib and vaij, I go to the highway. We stop every Maruti Omni, with a hope that it would be the press van.

Somewhere around 11, a white Van stops. It’s the same Maruthi Van. The same driver. I explain him the situation.

“Cell phone?” – He asks.
I nod my head.
He gestures me to hold on, opens the glove compartment of the van, and lo!!

There was my cellphone.. Intact.. just the way it was when I had lost it… I profusely thanked the chap.. He just nodded his acceptance.. I guess he was in a hurry.. He just sped away…

Good people do exist in the world.

I hope that the kela week has ended!! I vowed to be more careful about my things in the future.. Did it all happened just to teach me a lesson?? Whatever, I had learnt mine..

Only once we lose something , we begin to realize the value of it… Sometimes, it’s a bit too late… Only Not this time :))

Ending Mood: Jubilant
Ending Song: Coward of the county – Kenny Rogers.


About gautshen

A jack of many trades of which , Linux Kernel Programming puts food on the table. Also pursuing his PhD in the area Theoretical Computer Science at the Chennai Mathematical Institute. Is an avid reader interested in the Hindu traditions and philosophy. Loves Bicycling and Good Music. Name is Ranjal Gautham Shenoy.
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4 Responses to Lost and Found

  1. Priya says:

    whoa! nice stroke of luck there…

  2. theG says:

    lucky you!

  3. copper says:

    awesome! thts wat i call the circle of life being completed!

  4. u can guess says:

    u were lucky enough to get it back!mine was stolen rite in our mess!!sigh,i ams till very touchy abt it..

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