Lord(s) of the Ring

Opening Song: Wonderland – Crazy Frog
Opening Mood: Ha, with a song like this in the background, you expect me to be morose??!!!

“….It’s something unpredictable, But in the end its right,

I hope you had the time of your life…”

Lenon was strumming his guitar… We were sitting in the living room of Lyn’s house, sipping the evening tea, and humming the lyrics of this Greenday song on Saturday, 29th of April…

Shuaib looked at his watch -” Dude, it’s time to leave. Its 5 ‘o clock already and the ring ceremony is at 6!!”.

Boy, we really had to hurry to reach college, have a bath, shave and dress up in formals.

I wore a white shirt, a black pant and a red tie. (One red ribbon around my waist and a black hat, and my magician’s attire would have been complete!)

We did everything at double the speed so that we can attend the ring ceremony “in time” at 6:30 (C’mon… we’ve not attended the classes in time, you expect us to attend this one in time??).

I was right about being in time… the ceremony began at 6:30! (It happens only in India…)

We were told to sign a pledge, and hear the words of wisdom spoken by a few lecturers (As if classes weren’t already boring enough!). The chief guest spoke well. He managed hold us captivated for quite some-time [Sir, you really have the talent :)].

Shruthi Shastry, the GR, summarized the experiences of the girls. She was in her usual “natural – acting” mode (Guys, this is not an oxymoron… It’s a talent some people do possess). She ended her discourse saying – “I don’t know about the guys, but we girls have seen it all!!“… I really wonder if they have… I mean seen it ALL??!

Sahil Barua, spoke on behalf of the guys, and boy, I tell you that was one hell of a nostalgic speech… He took us down the memory lane, rather danced us down it… Ended the speech with the awesome line from DCH -” Hum dost the, dost hai, aur rahenge – Hamesha...” Yo! Dude, that we shall remember…

This was followed by the presentation of the silver ring. The ring symbolized our lifelong “commitment” to the alma-mater!! I did a wise thing by wearing it on my middle finger! (Well, I want to reserve my ring finger… for a GOLDen one!)

After this, the hi-fi junta got out their point-and-click devices and the photogenic junta posed… The survivors were shot again and again! People made sure that every female was covered at least once (Compsci’s refer back to the graph cover problem for the funda. IT people, as usual ask thy neighbor!) .

We decided to celebrate the “Engagement” at Kalash (With the kind of financial crisis we are currently in, you expect us to go to Palkhi?? Shame on you!)

Chakra and Balu decided to shoot the strong Mallya’s Bird, while Reuben, Madhu and I asked Chetan “Dude, Life’s calling… Where are you??” Somehow, Chetan chose to ignore the question… I think Shuaib owes him 200 bucks for his abstinence. The food… Na, I don’t remember… I was too busy climbing (on) the rocks!

By now, I guess most of us were in the heightened state of consciousness… The “Films Club” was showcasing “Mohabbatein” (YUCK!!) that night… This was keeping in mind the volatile senti state the final years were in…

When we reached the SAC, I realized I had lost the back portion of my cell phone! Oops… That meant Shuaib and I had to go all the way back, searching all along the road less traveled, before we could finally find it under our table at Kalash. (Now that’s luck…). I owe Gauri (Major) a “Munch” for borrowing his bike…

Anyway, we came back and danced like crazy… I had always enjoyed the movies from the hot film’s club balcony, but this was really fun… Every arbit person came and hugged you as if you were going on a war and he may never see you again… For some reason, I reciprocated with equal generosity… I guess it made them happy… They then did a step or two (Don’t bother which one… All steps appear the same in our jungle dance!) before going to hug the next available person.

Some people broke down into tears at the end of the movie… No, it was not the sentiments in the movie, or even the pathos caused by its screening that stimulated the tear glands… People just got senti… I guess they realized that the ring ceremony marked the “beginning of the end” of our days in this college. It was really difficult to console some of them…

I tried hard, but not even a single drop came out. (I mean, drop of a tear…) Well, I guess its waiting for the last day (I doubt even that!)

Well, I was back in my room at 3:30 in the night and chatted for sometime. But not for too long… I was too exhausted… I had never danced like this before… Mukesh was wailing on Pradeep’s comp… I guess it was an invitation to sleep…. I slept… I dreamt… I had now become “Lord of the Ring”…

PS: I forgot to mention, Pattu got the golden ring for being the best outgoing student… Congrats dude… Sorry, but trivial things like these, somehow just slip out of the mind…

Ending Mood: Man, this song kicks ass…: D
Ending Song: Whoomp – Crazy Frog.

Time:9:00 P.M
Date:1st May, 2006


About gautshen

A jack of many trades of which , Linux Kernel Programming puts food on the table. Also pursuing his PhD in the area Theoretical Computer Science at the Chennai Mathematical Institute. Is an avid reader interested in the Hindu traditions and philosophy. Loves Bicycling and Good Music. Name is Ranjal Gautham Shenoy.
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9 Responses to Lord(s) of the Ring

  1. theG says:

    nice ceremony. and who gives you the golden one? the wall (pun intended! :D)..

  2. kavya says:

    he he he.. shastry s seen it all.. 😉

  3. Lyn says:

    ego!! way to go.. i shared the exact sentiments on my ring ceremony day too ..

  4. LCon says:

    I suppose u forgot the events like the final block and snp road… Never mind! You try to carry a good boy image!!? Otherwise everything is in place and that day did bring me lots of fun and sadness. Fun cause i was getting a ring but sadness because the “last few days in college” were up.

  5. randomwalker says:

    @theggolden one, i dunno..@kavyahas she??@lynI understand.. It must have been more fun since u were the GR.@LConI wrote about what I chose to remember.. The meeting with c,n,v near final block and V,D near SNP were insignificant!! And I’m a good boy 🙂

  6. theG says:

    (…snigerring… (is that spelling right?)) i have a good idea!

  7. theG says:

    and wat are those events near snp road and final block?

  8. randomwalker says:

    @theGU have a good idea, do u?? Let me know about it..@theGAs I said before, its not worth remembering.. So pointless even mentioning it and wasting the cyberspace..

  9. theG says:

    there is a certain mrs shenoy you did introduce me to.@Iconyou can eliminate the good boy image quite easily. lot of us here (http://www.orkut.com/Community.aspx?cmm=12344613) are interested! :-)@randomwalkerdo not delete this comment. >:)

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