Bored and Waiting

Opening Song : None
Opening Mood: Its Redundant, Its Redundant!!

Hello, there… I guess you are as jobless as I am right now.. Since I am writing this thing without giving much thought to it, I hope you are reading it without giving a great deal of thought either…

I worked hard.. After all producing a 40 page report is not such a easy task.. Filling up the pages requires a lotta talent… Not everyone has it.. and Certainly not me..

So yeah, as I said, I had to work hard for it. And finally it was over yesterday. Exhausted, that I was, I still had to finalize the demo.

Again, getting a demo ready is not an easy task either especially when you don’t have a great GUI, no flashy animations, and no Windows.. I mean to say, it is so easy, that it looks so simple and the evaluator can easily dismiss it saying “Is this all you did for one whole year???!!”

My demo, ( which I intend to believe that it is a work of art) requires you to run a simple shell script, which will do all the compilations, check all the dependencies, and produce a few graphs as output. Not a very hi-fy thing for a layman. But it shows the immense potential for saving lots of power if the operating system is given more fine grained control over the hardware…
[I know all this is greek to you, but I am jobless, so deserve to be excused.]

Yeah, so coming back to the potential, which my project work does posess, I just hope the evaluator sees what we saw.. I hate to tell it, but this is a subjective world my friend… [ Sorry Miss Rand 😦 ] Not everyone SEE’s the same thing even ,when they all see the same thing.

So I carry my system, [ No autorickshaw 😦 ] all the way from the hostel block, to the department, hoping to get over with the demo.. I sit here, and I wait. I am eager , to show the potential of my project to the world [ Right now, the evaluator is the world to me].. Only to be told by the world that it’s too busy today. So we shall have it tomorrow… So my wait continues…

There are people here, behind me, beside me… We are all in the lab.. Not everyone’s waiting. Some are taking print outs of their project report.. Some are using the google talk [ That’s one hell of a smart chat thingie ever invented!], Some are expanding their social contacts thru the forum created by this geeky PhD student from Stanford… Google translator has helped people cross the language barriers, and people can talk to people in any language.. Everyone seems to be happy with the fact that the demo has been postponed..

Yeah, I feel I should mention here that Vishwa, the knuth has managed to see “Top gun”.. Though he could not really understand how Val Kilmer could play a negative character!! [ He saw “The Ghost and the Darkness” just before watching “Top Gun”].

And , for your information, I finally managed to watch “The Gladiator”. So I hope,I don’t have to go and hang myself anymore..

And “The Wall” and “Thamie” who refused to acknowledge the existance of Arthas and Frostmourne, kindly check these url’s. They are as real as Mr Arthur and Mr Merlin.

I am running out of stuff to kutch.. But that does not change the fact that I am Bored and Waiting…

Closing Mood: Again, Its Redundant, Its Redundant…
Closing Song: None..


About gautshen

A jack of many trades of which , Linux Kernel Programming puts food on the table. Also pursuing his PhD in the area Theoretical Computer Science at the Chennai Mathematical Institute. Is an avid reader interested in the Hindu traditions and philosophy. Loves Bicycling and Good Music. Name is Ranjal Gautham Shenoy.
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4 Responses to Bored and Waiting

  1. theG says:

    ok ok.. so they exist.. in the “WARCRAFT WORLD”.. n it still does not excuse that you have not heard of MERLIN and EXCALIBUR.. 😀 😛

  2. randomwalker says:

    @the wallNow I have.. dude. C’mmon, Wikipedia exists in the world for free… You can learn about anything you want in no time.. 🙂

  3. Priya says:

    arrghh… i hate waiting to give my demo too…. ours got postponed for two weeks! and yeah, evaluator is GOD. and flashy gui is half the job done. learnt it the hard way.

  4. randomwalker says:

    see, I toldya.. without flashy GUI, it is really difficult to impress the evaluator,who doesn’t understand the finer nuances of a good research project 😦 Got less for the Demo.

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